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Robert Duke Inc. (RDI) was formed at the closing of E. G. Holmes and Associates, Inc. (EGH) in February, 2015.  EGH  was organized in 1955 to provide Outsourced Professional Field Sales and application-engineering services to customers in the Southeastern U.S as a Manufacturer's Representative.  I joined EGH in July 1994 as a partner to focus our efforts in the RF and Microwave components and Test Instrumentation area.  RDI is going to continue serving the customers and principals in the Southeast US.

EGH has represented high quality manufacturers of Microwave components such as Narda Microwave, KDI Triangle, Lorch, Astrolab,  and Weinschel.  EGH has represented and trained with RF/Microwave, Optical Instrumentation, and general purpose electronic test equipment companies such as Aeroflex, Anritsu, R&S,  and Tektronix. In the area of Power Supplies  and Power Conditioning EGH has represented Kepco, MagnaPower, and PowerStar.   RDI is looking to continue representing high quality manufacturers of these type products for the Commercial, Medical and Aerospace and Defense Electronic marketplaces. The sales territory where RDI will focus includes, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and Tennessee.


RDI has an extensive computerized customer database developed over the last 20 years of the entire southeast US.  A computerized record keeping system is utilized for tracking accounts receivable, customer quotes, and sales leads.

RDI believes the most effective selling method is through direct contact with our prospects by making sales calls. Demonstration of a product to a prospect is sometimes required.  RDI will be asking for component samples or demonstration equipment whenever justified by the specific sales situation.

RDI will be developing and maintain an internet presence with the website: The Principals are listed and links are available to the customers and prospects.  The Internet provides our customers with an electronic way to request literature or technical specifications from us or from our Principals, request demonstrations or samples, request quotations and place orders.  RDI will be listed on the Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to support our customers and principals.


Sales leads and customer quotations are qualified with a timely phone call or email to assist the customer in choosing the right product, ensure he was quoted correctly or thank them for their order.   RDI will do its best to determine the level of competition, the customers budget or pricing target, and the required delivery for the item they need.  RDI can provide quotations in the name of the Principal using standard list prices, and contacting the principal for accurate delivery information. 

RDI intends to continue giving the high quality support the customers and principals expect.  We look forward to working with you now and in the future. 

RDI a Veteran Owned, Smaill Business, Electronics Technology Representative