Robert Duke, Inc

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Robert Duke, Inc.

Manufacturer’s Representative for the Southeast USA

256-499-2620 Fax: 256-447-5501,


RF Power Amplifiers and Test Systems1 MHz to 18 GHz.01 watts to 1000 Watts

Instrument RF Power Amplifiers, Low Noise/Broadband Modules to 18 GHz, Linear and Pulsed RF Power Amplifiers

The only RF Amplifier company with a standard 5 year warranty

International Manufacturing Services  AL,FL,GA,MS,NC,SC

Surface Mount : DC & RF Resistors High and Low Power, Current Sensing.

Terminations & Attenuators to 40 GHz & Temperature Compensated, Couplers/Dividers, Low Pass Filters, Non-Magnetic and AlN devices, 


Thermal Management Devices for Heat Transfer with Electrical Isolation

High Reliability Screening with Space Heritage parts

Modeling Data available on website and thru Modelithics 

The impossible made simple

Micro-Precision Technologies, Inc. AL,FL,GA,MS,NC,SC 

Ceramic Thick Film Substrates, Multi-Layer Substrates, Hybrid assembly capabilities include manual & automated surface-mount technology (SMT), wire-bonding and die attach, FR-4 to MPT ceramic engineered substrate.

MPT is MIL-PRF-38534 Space Class H qualified since 1998

Microwave Engineering Corp. AL, FL,GA,MS,NC,SC,TN 

Antennas: Horn, Spiral, Omni-Directional, and Reflector

Coaxial: High Power Terminations, Couplers & Dividers, Filters, Quad-Ridge, 

Millimeter Wave, Arrays and Feed Networks

Waveguide: Rectangular, Circular, Double-Ridge, Flexible, Clamps, Bending tool

High Power Passive Microwave Devices

Microwave Technology Inc. AL, FL,GA,MS,NC,SC,TN 

RF & Microwave Discrete Semiconductors: Fabrication: Packaged & Die, GaAs, pHEMT, HBT Device. AMPLIFIERS: GaN Hi-power, Broad Band MMICs, Wireless to MMW

Space Level Products and US Foundry


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Netcom Inc.  AL, FL,GA,MS,NC,SC,TN

Tunable Bandpass Filters from 1.5 MHz to 1.4 GHz, Cavity, Bandpass 

and Notch LC Filters.

Diplexers and Triplexers.

RF Amplifiers, Filter Amplifiers, LNA, IF Strips, Filter Limiters.

High Power, and Integrated Assemblies. RF and Microwave Assemblies.

Tunable surface mount filters


Custom Magnetics: Inductors, Transformers (current sense, Power, Pulse, RF) and Chokes, Delay Lines. RF and Fiber products for LAN & Telecom

DC-DC converters for LAN

Rohs Compliant ISO:2008

Quality Electromagnetic Components

PowerStar Inc. AL,GA,MS,TN

Ruggedized UPS Systems Uninterruptable Power Supplies to 20 KVA for Shipboard & Ground applications including Military (they are widely used by the US Navy).

Power Inverters

Uninterruptable Power Systems

Sonoma Scientific, Inc.  AL,GA,MS,TN

RF/Microwave ferrite isolators and circulators ranging from 40MHz to 40GHz and milliwatts to kilowatts connectorized, surface mount, waveguide, coaxial, drop-in, microstrip, phase-matched, iso-adapter, hybrids and custom.

Sonoma Scientific global leader in ferrite isolators & circulators for more than 25 years


Werbel Microwave

Couplers, Power Dividers, 90° and 180° Hybrids, Bias Tees, Resistive Dividers from 0.1MHz to 18GHz, IP67/68 devices

RF Amplifier Repair Services and Low Noise / Low Power Amplifiers

Short-Runs to Volume Production: Whether your requirement is for several units or several hundred, Werbel Microwave is equipped and staffed to handle the workload.

Designed & Made in the USA